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Why Shop at Reef eScape?

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With all of the options available to you, why should you choose to do all of your aquarium shopping at Reef eScape?  Simply put, because we're the best at what we do and strive to always be the best.  We take a great deal of pride in bringing you the healthiest animals for sale, competitive or often lower prices than what you might find on the internet, and the knowledge and experience that allows you to rely on us to steer you in the right direction.  We'd rather not make a sale than make the wrong sale and will be open and honest with you about what you can expect.  We'll try to stay within your budget and help you find creative ways to build the aquarium and stock list that you dream of.

We're experienced hobbyists and aquarium professionals who want to earn your trust not just for the day, but for the rest of your aquarium keeping time.  Trust us to help you and you'll wonder why you ever went anywhere else!

Full System Evaluation at Reef eScape

Having issues with your aquarium?  Struggling with how to fix an existing issue?  Not sure what you're doing right or doing wrong?  We're here to help!

While we always encourage customers to tell us about how their system is doing and what needs or concerns they have prior to making a purchase, sometimes you need more specific attention to make the hobby nothing but enjoyment.

If you need that extra attention and want to get a full evaluation of your system, schedule a one hour appointment at Reef eScape with one of our aquarium experts to troubleshoot what's been going on with your aquarium.  This evaluation includes water testing for an either an established or a new/cycling tank, husbandry practices and equipment review, livestock compatibility, and even a free gift card for use at the shop!

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Want to just feed the fish?

If you decide that after speaking with us that you'd rather just feed your fish and spend the rest of the time enjoying your tank rather than doing all of the maintenance and upkeep yourself, feel free to schedule a free service consultation.  If you end up deciding that having us do the work and all you do is feed the fish you'll get a portion of the evaluation credited to your first month's bill!

Ways to Shop at Reef eScape Retail

Curbside Carryout

Reef eScape is proud to offer an alternative to stepping into the shop to make your purchases.  Simply place your order with us either in our online shop or call and speak to a Retail Associate and then let us know when you're about 30 minutes away from the shop.  We'll begin the process of bagging up any livestock purchases you made and also gathering whatever dry goods you purchased.

In Person Shopping

Reef eScape is now offering reservation based walk-in for parties of up to 2 people for 30 minutes.  This limited in store visitation is geared towards allowing for maximum social distancing and as little contact as possible between people.  While it doesn't restrict you from speaking with us while in the shop it does reserve the retail space for just the members of your party and our staff.