In-Store Shopping


Schedule a 30 minute in person shopping visit at Reef eScape.

Maximum of 2 people per slot, everyone must wear a mask, children under 10 must be hand-held.

Please read detailed description below for all rules regarding in-person shopping visits!

Please make sure to CHECK OUT YOUR CART after selecting your date and time – this must be done to complete your reservation!




During these difficult times Reef eScape wants you to know that we place people above all else. We are all members of the community not just as a company, but as individuals as well. As of December COVID numbers are soaring in our area and everyone’s health and welfare is our number one concern, we’ve made the following changes to our In-Store Shopping Experience.

1. All Appointments are now completely free. There are no coupon codes to deal with and no limit to your visits to the shop.
2. All days of the week EXCEPT SATURDAY have two appointments available to minimize contact with people not in your party.
3. On any day EXCEPT SATURDAY, if you feel uncomfortable with shopping with someone else or need special accommodations because of health concerns, you may book BOTH appointments so that you are shopping by yourself or only with other people in your party. There is still no charge for the second visit.
4. Walk-ins are welcome at all times if an appointment time has not been reserved.

The following rules will apply to your visit:

  • Tight fitting masks fully covering the mouth and nose without vents (or that have the vents covered/closed) are REQUIRED to ensure everyone’s safety for ALL people in your party, regardless of age or health considerations – if you cannot wear a mask or someone in your party is unable to, please do not book.  This includes any infants, toddlers, or children who cannot wear a mask.  Please do NOT plan on bringing them into our shop as they will be denied entry.
  • Absolutely no one is allowed in the shop who is exhibiting any symptoms of illness including but not limited to:
    – Coughing
    – Fever and Chills
    – Incontinence
    – Respiratory Distress
    – A health screening will be conducted including verbal questions and contactless temperature checks on all members of your party
    – Anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19 in the past 14 days or who has exhibited any symptoms related to COVID-19 will not be admitted
    – All people will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering and leaving the shop
    – All people in your party MUST social distance from all staff AND other customers
    – Maximum group size is currently limited to 2 people who are wearing masks – NO EXCEPTIONS FOR AGE OR HEALTH; On Saturdays only if you have a party of up to 4 you may book the second slot at the same time and double the number of people you are allowed to bring in
    – Children under 10 in your party MUST wear a mask and be “hand-held”, meaning they must stay with you and either be carried or within hand-holding distance the entire time; if your child wanders away from you you may be asked to leave the shop for safety reasons
    – All members of your group MUST stay together unless you book both slots (children under 10 must still be hand-held)
    – You must leave the shop at the end of your allotted time – NO EXCEPTIONS
    – Please arrive on time for your slot, no extensions are available
    – Bathrooms are available for emergency use only
    – Failure to comply with these rules could result in immediate termination of your visit
    – While we are happy to hear that you’ve had your COVID vaccine already this does not excuse you from wearing a mask at all times during your visit

In order to maximize your visit time we can provide you with a shopping basket for items that you would like to purchase and have contactless selection procedures in place for any livestock items that you wish to purchase that we will explain upon your arrival. Your time will not be spent waiting on us to bag or ring any items up so if you run out of time, simply leave whatever you need on the counter at the end of your time slot and then step outside while we ring you up and prepare for the next customer.

Reef eScape does not warrant that you will not be exposed to any illnesses or pathogens while visiting our shop. We will make every effort to ensure that our shop is as clean as possible and will follow all public health guidelines for disinfection each day but we cannot account for every single possibility.

For walk-in visitors, please plan on filling out our COVID form which we utilize for tracking purposes.

Once you have selected your slot please complete the booking by going to your shopping cart and “purchasing” the appointment slot.  Appointments are the best way to ensure that you are able to get into the store when you want to and we encourage everyone to make an appointment rather than relying on a walk-in being available.

Please note, if you are an existing service customer that wishes to shop in the store please reach out directly to your service aquarist or the shop to reserve your slot if you would like an exclusive trip to the shop.

For those who fall into a high risk category based on age or underlying health conditions that require special accommodations, please contact us directly to schedule your visit.  Masks will still be required for your visit but we will work with you to find a way to ensure that your visit is safe!



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