Consultation Request Form


Form to be filled out upon requesting a consultation for service or an installation.
  • Please indicate whether you are looking to schedule a consultation for service, aquarium design/installation, or both.
  • Please select your preferred days of the week to come into the shop for a consultation. You may hold Ctrl to select multiple days.
  • Please select your preferred window for your visit. Note hours are different on weekdays and weekends. You may hold Ctrl to select multiple days.
  • Please check all that apply to your experience with fresh or salt water tanks.
  • Please let us know what you are looking to accomplish during your consult.
  • Please describe where your tank is currently located for service consults or where you would like to place the tank if you are scheduling for design/installation. Include as much detail as possible including measurements, placement in regards to floor joists/load bearing walls/windows, what floor of the home you are describing, electrical outlets locations, proximity to a sink, and any other details you can provide. Feel free to attach up to 3 photos below.
  • What type of tank are you looking for us to service or design/install? Please include approximate size (gallons and dimensions) and what you plan on putting into the tank. Feel free to attach up to 3 photos of an existing tank to give an idea of what you're looking for.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.